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Car Servicing Guide For First-Time Car Owners

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Car servicing is a vehicle maintenance activity that keeps your vehicle at optimal working conditions. First-time car owners may not know much about car servicing. The information below contains some car servicing FAQs. Hopefully, it will help new car owners as they service their vehicles. 

How Often Should You Service Your Car? 

You should check the manufacturer manual to establish the frequency at which you should service your vehicle. For instance, some manufacturers will recommend servicing at 10,000 kilometres while others will recommend servicing at 15,000 kilometres. 

There are different types of car servicing. For instance, when you buy a new car, the manufacturer will provide you with a logbook stipulating the intervals at which you should service the vehicle. The primary function of the logbook is to ensure you replace the various car parts on time. Besides, it helps you establish the longevity of the different components. 

As your car ages, it could develop problems that were not included in the maintenance protocol indicated in the logbook service schedule. For example, the radiator could clog, or the internal engine components could begin to wear out. In this case, you should conduct an engine overhaul to restore the vehicle to its original condition. This service should be conducted every 100,000-150,000 kilometres depending on how well you keep your car. 

Where Should You Service Your Car?

The secret to car servicing is consistency. Find an experienced mechanic to service your car. The benefit of working with one mechanic is that they can quickly diagnose vehicle problems since they know which parts are due for replacement. Besides, they can give preventive maintenance tips tailored to suit your driving style. For example, if your brake pads wear out quickly, they could advise you to avoid hard braking. 

When you are choosing a mechanic, visit their shop or conduct some background research to ensure that they are accredited to service and repair your car. Additionally, check the services offered at the garage. For instance, insurance repairs, towing, and roadside recovery will come in handy if your vehicle has had an accident. 

What Does A Typical Car Service Involve? 

The standard car service will involve a change of the engine oil, air filter, and oil filter. Depending on where you drive the vehicle, the mechanic could also inspect the suspension, braking, and transmission components. At predetermined intervals, the mechanic will change components such as the spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel injectors, and ignition coils. 

First-time car owners should have an easy time servicing their vehicles. Use the vehicle manual and logbook to determine the service intervals and hire experienced mechanics to service the car. Contact a local car service centre to learn more.