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3 Questions to Ask the Panel Beating Service Provider Before Entrusting Them with the Job

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An accident is one of the worst things that can happen to the body of a vehicle. After an accident, you get damaged auto body parts that affect the vehicle's aesthetic beauty. However, the body isn't the only thing affected by a fender bender. Sometimes, it is the suspension that controls how you maneuver the vehicle. You should consult a panel beating service provider immediately if you get into an accident and need to resolve the issue. Here are the top three questions to ask a panel beating service provider before entrusting them with your project.

Do You Have the Right Qualifications and Certification?

As mentioned, sometimes panel-beating might include functions like rectifying the orientation of your wheels and suspension. These are vital to your safety on the road, so you cannot leave the job to just about anybody. Ask for some credentials before entrusting someone with the job. Check and ascertain that they have licensing from the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority or other related trade organisation. Also, if they will paint your car, ensure they have a certificate in vehicle refinishing technology. Finally, an I-car certification shows the panel beater has earned international recognition for its skill.

What Do Your Past Clients Have to Say About Your Services?

Having the recommended licenses and certification is one thing, but their performance on the ground is even more vital. You can check their track record and client feedback for more information on their reliability. Visit their website and see what past clients say about their services. You can also check their social media pages to see the quality of customer service they offer their client. It will give you clues on the level of efficiency of their services. 

What Services Do You Include in the Smash Repair Quote?

Ask about the information included in the smash repair quote. The shop should provide as much detail as possible. You will forward this report to the insurer to settle your bill or compensate you. Additionally, check the quote and ensure it has a warranty provision. The warranty ensures that once mistakes happen during panel beating, they can redo it at no extra expense to you.

These are crucial questions for the smash repair or panel beating service provider. Speak to a competent panel-beater close to you and get a quotation for your project. The sooner you fix your car, the safer it will be on the road. For more information on panel beating repair, contact a professional near you.