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Transmission Repairs: Troubling Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

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For your vehicle to drive optimally, the various mechanical systems need to be operating at maximum efficiency. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to find some motorists ignoring minor car problems assuming they will either resolve on their own or that they can wait until the vehicle's next servicing appointment. This should not be the case, especially when it comes to your transmission. The transmission system is quite intricate, and a small issue could quickly escalate to major car problems. Below are a few of the troubling symptoms manifesting in your transmission that should never be ignored.

Transmission fluid is leaking

A mechanic should address any signs of a transmission leak at your earliest convenience. This will typically manifest as puddles of red liquid appearing beneath your vehicle whenever it has been parked for some time. If this leak is not fixed, your entire transmission system will be compromised, as it will not be receiving sufficient lubrication.

Gears are making grinding noises

Another symptom that should never be ignored is grinding noises emanating from your gears. If you are shifting gears and hear a grinding sound, it could be indicative of worn out gears. Grinding noises may also come about due to decreased levels of transmission fluid, leading to excessive friction within the gear system. If you are to hear any strange noises coming from your gear, it is prudent to have it checked out.

Clutch is emitting burning odours

Burning smells coming from the clutch tend to be common when a newbie driver is becoming accustomed to a manual vehicle. However, if you are a seasoned motorist and begin to notice the smelling of burning, this would be indicative of an underlying problem with the transmission system. In most cases, it usually implies that there is increased friction in the clutch system leading to the burning of the clutch fluid. It would be essential to have this inspected so that the mechanic can determine whether your clutch requires repairs or if it would be pertinent to replace it.

Your vehicle is popping out of gear

Your vehicle should only change gears at your command. If you find that you constantly have to readjust your gear because it has slipped out on its accord, you should stop driving the vehicle. This spontaneous popping out of gear makes you a hazard on the road, as you will not have total control over your vehicle. It would be essential to have a mechanic service your transmission system as soon as possible.