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Signs Your Truck Needs a New Alternator

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If your truck has suddenly acting strangely, like smelling funny or causing the battery to die repeatedly, then it is time to investigate what the problem is. While a lot of truck symptoms can mean multiple things, there are some signs that tend to be common for the alternator dying and needing to be replaced. The alternator helps your truck to generate power and manage the charging system, so it often related to lack of electrical power as a sign. Here are some signs that you might need a new alternator.

You Keep Having to Jump Start the Truck

This is not normal and should not have to be done repeatedly whenever you start your truck. If it has gotten to the point where whenever you turn the ignition, you fear it won't start, it is probably time to get it checked out. It is very possible that this is from a failing alternator, since that alternator is helping to provide enough power to the battery to run your vehicle. Even if the battery isn't necessarily dead, but it takes a few tries before your truck turns over, it can still be a sign of needing a new alternator.

The Headlights Are Starting to Dim

The different electrical components of your truck might stop working as efficiently when your alternator is failing, including having headlights that are a little dimmer. If you have your lights on while driving at night, but notice the streets look a little darker in front of you, those lights might be a bit too dim. Sometimes you can notice by parking in front of a window, such as a storefront, and looking to see how bright the lights look in the window. You may also notice other electrical components failing, like your electric windows taking longer to go up and down.

There Are Odd Sounds and Smells

Unfortunately, this can also happen when you need to have the alternator replaced. Any time you notice a weird sound or smell, it is a good idea to visit your mechanic because this can be related to so many things. However, when it works along with some of these other signs, it is often a good indication that the alternator is the culprit. The bad smells usually come from the belts not turning as well because the alternator is not giving a good output. With sounds, worn bearings might be causing it, leading to a grinding noise.