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A Few Precautions When Buying Used Truck Parts

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When your truck needs repairs, buying used parts is a good way to save some money on the work you'll need to have done. Many used truck parts will have years of life left in them and can still be very workable. However, before you choose used parts for any vehicle and especially for a truck, note a few precautions to keep in mind so you know you get the best part and that it lasts as long as possible.

Know the weight limits and loads

When choosing parts for a truck, you need to think about more than just the size of the part, as most vehicle parts parts will have weight limits and loads. As an example, tyres for your truck may need thicker rubber or deeper tread in order to provide more traction for pulling heavier loads, and a transmission gear or axle for your truck may also need to be rated for a heavier load. If you're using your truck to haul or carry any added weight, be sure you look up which models of parts are rated for those heavier loads.

Also, don't choose a part by its year or the kilometres on it alone. If the part was used in a truck that was pulling a heavy load, it may have suffered extra wear and tear, so perform a visual inspection if possible before purchasing.

Choose the right brand

It's never good to mix and match truck parts by brand. This is because trucks especially may put added wear and tear on their parts, as mentioned above, so it's vital that those parts fit perfectly. If they don't fit even by a small amount, this can cause added corrosion and heat, and early failure of the parts. When choosing used parts, keep shopping around until you find the right model, rather than trying to force or squeeze certain parts under the hood.

Understand salvaged titles

If you're buying used truck parts from a scrap yard or are getting a used truck in order to strip it down and take the parts you need for a truck rebuild, be careful of salvaged titles. These are vehicles that were in an accident or flood or suffered other serious damage. The truck may have been totalled, meaning it was never repaired after this damage. Even if the accident or damage was not in the area of the parts you need, it's still good to give them an added visual inspection to note if they suffered additional damage during this incident.