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4 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Car Engine Cooling System Is Failing

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The cooling system is one of the most integral components of a car engine. Generally speaking, the engine's cooling system comprises a radiator, fans, a thermostat, hoses and water pump. As a car owner, you need to ensure the entire cooling system in good working condition to allow for removal of excess heat from the engine. Otherwise, the engine may run too hot, leading to extensive damage, which may eventually render the engine non-functional. 

Being able to tell when something is amiss with your car engine cooling system is vital to preventing many car repairs. Here are 4 common tell-tale signs indicating that your car engine's cooling system is faulty:

Engine running too hot.

In the course of normal car engine operations, a lot of heat is emitted largely due the internal combustion process. The cooling system's primary job is to eliminate excess heat as the engine runs. For this reason, a problem with the cooling system may translate to overheating. Over time, overheating may be detrimental to your car engine.

It, therefore, goes without saying that an overheating engine is the most obvious indication of problems with the engine cooling system. Having your car engine inspected by a qualified mechanic whenever you experience engine overheating will ensure problems are pinpointed early and repaired precisely.

Low coolant level.

Engine coolant, also known as anti-freeze, is one of the vital fluid components of an engine cooling system. It functions by absorbing heat from the car engine and then dissipates the heat. Therefore, if your coolant level is low your car cooling system is likely to struggle to maintain the right engine temperatures. Low coolant levels are largely as a result of leakages. With the aid of an expert, you can locate the leak spots before topping off the coolant.

White smoke at the exhaust tailpipe.

Large puffy clouds of white smoke at the tailpipe are enough alarm that your cooling system is failing and requires urgent attention. In most cases, white smoke indicates that your car is burning up the coolant within the combustion chamber. You may confirm this with a simple inspection of your coolant levels. If the coolant level is low, then there may be a leak, which contributes to burning of the coolant. It is important to visit a certified mechanic for informed repairs.

Leaks below the car.

Leaks are a common sign of failing cooling systems. A puddle beneath your car after a period of parking should alert you of possible coolant leaks. In most instances, leaking anti-freeze will have a green or pink puddle. If not addressed in good time, leaks may cause your cooling system to struggle to maintain optimal engine temperatures.

Maintaining optimal engine temperatures is essential to ensure your engine runs at peak efficiency, so don't disregard any of the above signs, which point out that your engine cooling system may be faulty and needs to be repaired.