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Reasons you Should Re-Gas your Vehicle's Aircon System

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If you have never heard about car air conditioning re-gas, then it is probably time you had your vehicle fixed in this regard. One of the reasons people ignore this critical process is that most car manufacturers do not include re-gas service as part of the overall annual vehicle service. However, because the air conditioning system is considered a 'nice-to-have' feature, one might ask why they should have the system re-gassed every two years. This post, therefore, highlights reasons you should have your system re-gassed even if you think it plays little to no role in the safe running of your vehicle.

Save on Repair Costs -- Depending on the settings in your vehicle's AC system, the air produced can reach freezing temperatures. The benefit of such low temperatures is that it helps cool down the system's compressor. However, failing to re-gas as required will create room for the compressor to heat up, thereby limiting proper functioning or even causing failures on system parts. You will, therefore, end up paying for the repair or replacement of these parts, which are costs you can avoid by having the air conditioning system re-gassed regularly.

Fuel Efficiency -- With fuel prices fluctuating constantly, it is essential to maintain efficiency in fuel usage whenever you are driving. While you can achieve fuel efficiency through various techniques such as employing cruise control, ensuring the refrigerant is at the required level will go a long way towards keeping fuel usage low. If the level of the AC's coolant is low, the system will struggle to keep the air inside the vehicle cool. As a result, a lot of fuel will be needed to produce cold air. If you find yourself needing to refuel your vehicle frequently than you usually do and you have eliminated all other possible causes, then you probably need to re-gas the car's aircon system.

Keep System Healthy Even During Winter -- Regularly re-gassing your car's AC unit helps to keep the system healthy because the coolant contains lubricants necessary to maintain seal integrity. Therefore, by running the system even during winter, the fluids continue to circulate through the entire system, thereby avoiding system issues when winter ends. Additionally, with mist being a nuisance on winter days, it can be difficult to see what's in front of you, which can be very dangerous where driving safety is concerned. If the refrigerant is at an acceptable level, then you can demist the windscreen by turning on the aircon.