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How to Make Sure That Your Caravan Is Ready for the Exciting Season Ahead

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Holiday season isn't too far away, and your family may be looking forward to a lengthy road trip aboard your trusty caravan. It's certainly been a long time since you did this together, and it represents a great opportunity to bond together once more. However, you need to make sure that your caravan is fit for the purpose, especially if it has been sitting unattended during the off season. To make sure that it is safe and ready, what areas do you need to look at?

Safety First

The first thing you need to focus on is safety. You will need to have a full inspection so that everyone is protected from possible hazards along the way. Some people refer to this as a habitation service, and it will involve looking for a variety of different threats. For example, is the gas system adequately ventilated so that it doesn't present a poison risk? Is the water system free of contamination? Have tiny critters chewed through insulation, exposing wires and presenting an electrocution threat? You need to make sure there is no possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire and that any extinguishers and other protection devices are in good shape.


Once the habitation check is behind you, you will need to look at the mechanical capacity of the vehicle. Begin by checking the condition of the chassis, and look for evidence of rust and deterioration. Is the brake system serviceable and, in particular, are the pads in need of change? Make sure that there is no surface rust on any of the major components like the brake discs, and test the reach of the suspension.

Interior Systems

All electrical circuits should be fully operational, and the battery must be in tiptop condition. If something is not working, look at the circuit breakers and fuses to begin with or trace the problem to its source.

Before you leave, you need to be sure that the toilet, shower and kitchen taps are all functioning correctly. Pressure switches and pumps will dictate whether your system will be able to deliver adequate performance when you're on the road.


Finally, have a look at the body of the caravan and check to see that roof lights, vents and windows can open and close without obstruction. You may have to disturb a bird's nest or two before you complete your work!

Done for You

This can, of course, be a very long-winded operation, and many people simply don't have the time. It is nevertheless critical to perform these tasks, and you should get in touch with a caravan service outlet to do it for you.