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3 Maintenance Tips for Preventing Semi-Trailer Truck Mishaps

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If you have a semi-trailer truck for your commercial operations, you should ensure that the transportation rig is protected from accelerated damage and sudden failure. In general, these types of vehicles are resilient and long-lasting. However, like other automobiles, they can begin to deteriorate due to inadequate and inconsistent care. In addition, when the semi-trailer rig is not maintained properly, the risk of road accidents will be higher. Vehicular accidents will cause injuries, and they could take your vehicle out of commission. Therefore, here are crucial tips to keep your semi-trailer truck functioning exceptionally.

Monitor Your Engine

The malfunction of your truck engine can have a lot of negative consequences. In simple terms, if your engine fails suddenly, an accident could occur, resulting in the damage of the vehicle and the injury of the driver and other road users. Also, engines can be costly to repair. In addition, when this component fails, your transportation operations will experience some downtime. These problems can be avoided by inspecting and testing the engine regularly. You should take note of signs indicating the decline of the engine, including warning dash lights, decrease in driving power, excess noise and emission of strange fumes. If you notice these symptoms, plan for timely auto service to prevent failure.

Prioritise Brake Care

Regular brake maintenance is indispensable when dealing with a semi-trailer truck. If these components lose their stopping power, the results could be catastrophic. The driver might lose control of the vehicle at an inopportune time, causing a serious road accident. When your brakes are performing at an optimal level, you will be able to handle most emergencies. Brake care should begin with regular check-ups. You should inspect for wear and damage and commission repairs immediately. Also, conduct the recommended maintenance for your brakes, including greasing the adjusters, checking pressure and replacing the pads. If you suspect that something is wrong with your brakes, you should delay your trip and consult a qualified a serviceperson.

Maintain Your Tyres

You should ensure that your tyres are in the best condition before your trips. Truck tyres in a bad state will compromise efficient handling and increase the risks on the road. Therefore, you must be diligent in upkeep. The maintenance should begin with the management of air pressure. The pressure should always be suited for the specific tyres, the cargo, the vehicle and the environment. For the best results, monitor and adjust the pressure as needed during trips. Also, conduct routine upkeep tasks like wheel alignment and tyre rotation for long-term performance.  

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