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Why You Should Replace Your Car Battery As Early As You Can

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Replacing a car battery can be a substantial investment. Therefore, it isn't uncommon for people to wait until the last moment, only replacing their battery when it objectively has run its course. However, it may be wiser to change your car battery as soon as you notice signs of wear or damage. There's nothing more frustrating than finding out that you need to change a crucial component of your car from it breaking down on you. Investing in a new car battery will allow you peace of mind, increase your vehicle's market value and provide more power to the engine. Here is everything you stand to gain.

A New Battery Will Make Your Drives More Enjoyable

The average car battery has a life expectancy of about four years. This number varies with frequent use, long drives and even the climate you drive in; cold climates diminish a batter's ability to supply the engine sufficient power to run. It also makes the water in the battery freeze, which makes it expand and damage the cells. During this time, cold-cranking and battery recharging may do the trick; however, your engine will run slow.  

A new battery will provide added power to the engine, which allows it to run at your desired capacity. By igniting the plug with more force, the new car battery supplies the engine with electricity faster, which allows smooth, easy starts. This is both beneficial to your car engine, which needs to run smoothly and frequently to remain healthy, and to your driving experience, which will be more comfortable.

A New Battery Gives You A Peace Of Mind

As a car owner, you will have a few worries pertaining to the well-being of your investment. Two of those worries may be your car not starting one day as you need to rush to work or the hospital or not being able to "flip" (sell) it when you really need the money. Purchasing a new battery will give you a few years' worth of oxygen, with the certainty that you will not awaken one morning to a flat battery.

A new car battery also provides an added advantage in need of a sale. If you are considering investing in a new vehicle in the next couple of years, you will want to be able to sell your current car to help fund your new purchase. A battery with a couple of years of healthy life ahead is an added incentive, whereas the likelihood of soon needing to replace the part can scare off prospective buyers.

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