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3 Tips for Getting Your Car Back from a Panel Beater Sooner

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Sending your car to a panel beater means that you will be spending quite some time without a convenient means of transport. Therefore, you might resort to begging for lifts or spend money on taxis for your transportation needs. It might explain why any car owner wants their vehicle to spend the least amount of time with a panel beater despite the extent of damages. However, you can take specific steps to ensure that your car leaves a panel beater's garage quicker, and in pristine condition.

Use Insurer-Recommended Panel Beater

When you are in a car accident, your insurer requires you to prepare the necessary paperwork so that they can pay for repairs. However, the paperwork involved when making a claim can drag and cause significant delays. Since panel beaters do not start working on a car until they are sure about payment, insurance delays could prolong your vehicle's stay at a garage. As such, it is usually a good idea to work with insurer-recommended panel beaters. Reputable insurance providers often recommend highly regarded panel beaters with whom they have a good working relationship. One significant advantage of the business relationship is that a panel beater can begin restoring your vehicle even before the required paperwork is complete.

Use Panel Beaters with Several Shops

Just because you want your car back fast does not mean that you should hire the 'fastest' panel beater in town. You risk having your vehicle handled unprofessionally, and you might even end up with non-genuine parts. Reputable panel beaters are the best option, but if they only have one shop in town, then your car might join a long waiting list. Therefore, you must look for a reputable panel beater with auto shops in multiple locations. It means that the shops can share the workload, ensuring that panel beaters take the least amount of time possible to restore a vehicle to its pre-crash condition.

Use a Panel Beater that Leverages on Technology 

Technology is a panel beater's best friend in all stages of smash repairs, including the initial assessment of the damage. Some panel beaters must wait for a vehicle to be towed to their garage before assessing the extent of damage and estimating the cost. In serious accidents, damage assessments can take a bit of time, prolonging a car's stay at a garage. However, most panel beaters are using technology to speed up the damage assessment and cost estimation process. For instance, some smash repair shops allow car owners to upload pictures or videos of their smashed vehicles on their website. It enables a panel beater to assess the damage and quote the cost before the car arrives at their garage. Additionally, a panel beater can also order spare parts, which your car needs for repairs. Find the best panel beaters today.