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What Are the Signs of Truck Suspension Problems? Why You Need Repair

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Vehicle suspension problems are among the most difficult to diagnose. Most drivers can tell that their truck is not working as it should, but they have no idea why it is misbehaving. Some of the most common truck suspension issues are faulty and worn-out rods, struts, springs, tie rods and ball-joints. The worst thing is that these seemingly small damages can make your vehicle completely unsafe to drive and endanger your life and those of other road users.

However, as a responsible truck driver, you should watch for any signs of suspension issues requiring repair. Keep reading to learn these critical signs indicating a need for professional truck repair.

When the Truck Is Pulling to One Side as You Drive

The first indicator that your truck needs inspection is when it starts pulling to one side when driving. Pulling signals a problem with the tyres or the suspension. Uneven tyre pressure can create an imbalance that makes your vehicle react unevenly when you maneuver it. It might also be due to poor alignment and faulty tie rods or steering rack.

The best way to find out the exact cause of the annoying pulling is by taking the truck to a professional mechanic. They will conduct a thorough analysis and diagnosis to unearth the problem. With knowledge of the underlying problem, they can execute the necessary repairs. 

When the Road Seems to Get Bumpier

The suspension system's main function is to ensure that you do not experience the road's roughness and bumpiness. The system basically acts as a cushion or shock absorber. When bumps become more pronounced than usual, the system has started wearing out. Another excellent way to test for truck suspension issues is by sitting on your truck while parked. If it bounces three times or more, you need to see an expert to fix it.

When One Corner of the Vehicle Sits Low

If one side of your truck seems to be lower than the other, your suspension system could be the problem. It can happen when the springs get worn out. You can also push down the trunk and see how it reacts. If it squeals, you need to check the suspension system. Loss of height generally means the springs are damaged.

These are the common indicators that your truck has suspension issues. Call a trusted mechanic to help you diagnose and repair the suspension before the problem becomes a serious complication. 

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