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Essential Car Care Tasks to Keep Your Engine Running in Peak Condition

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When it comes to car servicing, there's a myriad of tasks that need to be performed at specific intervals of time or mileage to keep the vehicle working properly. A well-maintained engine will ensure reliable and efficient vehicle performance while a neglected one will lead to a vehicle breakdown. 

Here are some of the maintenance tasks done during routine car service to keep the engine healthy and running in peak condition.

Changing the engine oil 

Car engines comprise multiple parts that need to be kept properly lubricated to ensure problem-free engine operation. Engine oil serves this purpose. Over time, however, the oil gets dirty and loses its lubricating properties. If it isn't changed on time, engine parts will start to warp and wear out, resulting in engine problems.

Timely engine oil changes are crucial for keeping the engine healthy and working at its best.

Replacing the oil filter 

As the name suggests, the oil filter is designed to filter the dirty oil circulating in your engine. As dirty oil goes through the filter, the filter traps any contaminants, circulating clean oil back to the engine.

The dirt buildup is usually due to the normal wear and tear of engine parts.

Replacing the air filter

A car engine generates the power required to move the vehicle by burning a fuel-air mixture. As a result, your car needs a clean supply of air for the combustion process. The air filter's job is to prevent any dust, dirt, insects, or debris from reaching the engine. Timely air filter changes ensure a clean and adequate supply of the air needed for the combustion process that supports vehicle performance.

Replacing the fuel filter 

Just as the air filters trap airborne contaminants, the fuel filter removes any contaminants that may be present in your fuel supply. Replacing clogged fuel filters helps to keep the fuel supply to your engine clean and steady.

Checking belts and hoses

From the timing belt to the drive belt, coolant hoses, fuel hoses, and more, your engine relies on various belts and hoses to function properly. Over time, these belts and hoses can wear out due to normal engine operation. When this happens, they will need to be replaced immediately.

Regular checking of engine belts and hoses is necessary to identify early signs of damage. Where damage is found, replacements should be done.

Keeping your engine in good working shape is essential for maximising vehicle performance and lifespan. To schedule a car service, visit an auto service, such as a BMW service, near you.