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Why Regular Truck Servicing Is so Important

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As the world of retail continues to change, home delivery is all the rage. This has changed the entire distribution network and presents many opportunities for couriers of all different types. When looking at this as an opportunity and thinking about setting up your own courier business, you may have to take responsibility for a large delivery vehicle for the first time. So, what do you need to know about maintenance, servicing and all-important checks?

Your Responsibility

As an owner or driver of a heavy vehicle, you have a duty of care to other road users and must ensure that the vehicle is always roadworthy. Of course, you'll want to keep the truck on the road as much as possible so you can maximise opportunities and make sure that each payload is profitable.

Brakes and Safety

Safety is paramount, so you must ensure that the braking system is always in first-class condition. The system on vehicles like this is typically based on compressed air, and there are many individual hoses, pipes and connections to check. You will want to ensure that the air pressure is always correct, and this will require not only a daily check but also a regular service appointment. Continuing with the safety theme, ensure that the multiple front, rear and side lights are always working properly, clean and clear.


Your vehicle will also be equipped with air suspension. Again, you need to be on the lookout for any potential leaks and also avoid a buildup of moisture. The truck will have a dryer mechanism, and you must get this checked regularly to make sure it is operating efficiently.

Axles, Wheels and Tyres

Heavy goods vehicles have as many as half a dozen axles and, therefore, a large number of individual wheels and tyres. These must always be aligned correctly, on an axle by axle basis and with a full-vehicle approach. When one axle is not perpendicular to the vehicle centreline, it can cause considerable wear and tear on all the other axles leading to potential failure, higher fuel bills and excess tyre wear.

Crafting a Plan

These are just some of the areas you will need to check if you are to maximise your opportunity, keep costs at a reasonable level and be fully road legal. Talk with a mechanic who has experience with these vehicles and make sure that you schedule service visits accordingly.

For more information on truck service, contact a company near you.